July 6, 2022

November 11: Two Poems

1. Walt, do you mind if I climb on your shoulders– Once upon a time I climbed on my father’s shoulderswearing my itchy blue sailor dress with the white stripesto watch an Armistice Day parade surrounded by people enjoying thoughts of peace.I too gladdened by thoughts of peace up there on my father’s shoulderswhere I […]


When we are bornthirst makes us cry thirst surges through our arterieswhen the hormones hit when we start to witherour thirst intensifies for the tongue of touchthe magazine of rain we remember we were once lovedlove kept us alive *** the mother’s facewas the face of God the berries in the bucketwere sweet to the […]


One of those blithe summer afternoons that used to last foreverbiking up Prospect Street for dinner and a movie the trees along the street like affectionate cousinseager to discuss family secrets I say: the air is so tender it seduces you into believingthat a kelson of the creation is love he says: we’ve evolved to […]