July 6, 2022

Dreams from a Diagnosis

I dream trash, of oldhags in my decrepitude.I dream of flesh sallowand loose on the bone,skin that is barnacled and sothin and wrinkled, it maytear. I find a life that islost among the depositsof its dementia, an incurabledisease that ages not likewine but like old grapesrotting on the vine. Of thisaffliction, I dream and ofwhat […]

Men, Myths & Madness

Iago, the Somalian hawker, rose outof the swelter of his mirth like a crazedhornet chasing down Darwin. So heatedhis folly, he could not stand but fall,could not make love but hate. He stokedsex with anger, focused his eye-sightwith obsidian. Born to violate, raised onvinegar, he found fulfillment where itfed on itself: snake swallowing snake,cougar the […]

My Facetious Me, An Autobiography

The poet part of mepuns himselfwith supercilious frivolity,writes, “I am…” But who? Whatsort of hair ball caughtin-the-throat-of-talk am I?A latter day Wallace Stevens,belly up to the bar, punch drunkbut all business​? What aboutFreddie Groffe on board his assgalumphing down into the Grand Canyon?Or am I Don Quixote bossing Sancho Panza?Oh, the names I can pretend!But […]