March 26, 2023

My Secret Recipe

by Victoria Twomey


some things in life,
like jazz and oysters,
are best when eaten raw,
while smiles and strawberries,
will go with anything.

some things in life,
like hope and croissants,
should always be kept warm,
while sex and sauté pans,
should really be preheated.

some things in life,
like joy and chocolate,
delight and thrill the palate,
while kindness and bread,
sustain until day’s end.

oh yes, and don’t forget to stir.


Victoria Twomey is a poet and an artist. She has appeared as a featured poet at various venues around Long Island including the Hecksher Museum of Art, The Poetry Barn, Barnes & Noble, The Pisces Cafe, Borders Books and local radio. Her poems have been published in several anthologies, in newspapers and literary journals, including Sanctuary Magazine, BigCityLit, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, the Tipton Poetry Journal, The Agape Review, “For Better or For Worse” (PoetWorks Press), “Haiku One Breaths” (Allbook Books), “Long Island Sounds 2005 & 2006” (North Sea Poetry Scene Press), the PPA Literary Review, the Northport Observer, The Long Island Quarterly and the North Shore Woman’s Newspaper. Her poem, “Pieta,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.