One Hundred Poems, One Hundred Years of “Poetry” Magazine

The Open Door

1. TODAY: Being a discussion of the place of “Poetry” in contemporary poetry.

Let’s talk about “Poetry,” not the literary genre, but the journal — that monumental edifice in the middle of the contemporary poetry scene — & if you’re reading this, you’re likely well aware of the journal & the position it occupies. In today’s hooked-up, linked-in, socially-connected world, there are likely zillions of outlets for poetry … ranging from the fusty medium of paper, through Internet Websites, to blogs … to simply sending one’s latest composition to an ever-growing mailing list … not to mention various concatenations of the above, i.e. print journals with websites etc. (Consider here, for a moment, that you’re reading this piece on a website … & quite possibly you became aware of it, because of an email I sent you. My purpose in making this observation is not to make you, the reader, feel discomfited … only to alert you to how many venues are now available.)
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