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By Degree 365:  Year One of 9/11

. . Masters:  Centuries are hooped together…

W. B. Yeats:  "The Four Ages of Man" (1935)
R. M. Rilke:  "Judgment Day" (1906)
(new translation)
Edgar Allan Poe:  "City in the Sea" (1831)
Jonathan Swift:  "The Day of Judgment" (1731)
Thomas Campion:  "When Thou Must Home" (1601)

Special Selections:  Point of Entry

Robert Klein Engler
The Accomplishment of Metaphor and the
Necessity of Suffering (In the Modernist Style)

Sharon Olinka
Selected poems on the Turkish destruction of Smyrna in September, 1922
(and companion essay)

Vicki Hudspith
Selected poems from Within the Hour:  A Year's 9/11
(a new Headwaters/Hudson Press release)

Gail Segal
Excerpts from "Vade Mecum"
(a new Headwaters Press Big City Lit Print Series release)

Feature Anthology:  Points of the Circle

Contributor Notes

and elsewhere,the 12 Section's Ongoing Risk… of Invasion

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