Reneé Salandy

Sonnet of Goodbye

against the backdrop of a cradled moon
footprints across the sky—they gone too soon
and galaxies like shutters from within
eclipse the earth and block the devil’s sin

what happens to black souls after the day?
botham, atatiana, freddie gray
philando must’ve greeted them with food
known as one to be far more kind than rude

and what about the recent black man slayed
or woman, can’t remember every day
next time it could be me in this dark skin
can’t trust the police—devils with a grin

goodbye with every being of my soul
goodbye to you who never could grow old

Reneé Salandy has written a collection of short stories, and is currently working on a
collection of poetry. As a 2019 BRIO Award Winner for Poetry, Renee uses an
autobiographical approach to storytelling to collide new subjects with the old. She hopes her
writing contributes to world literature and influences others to maintain history through folklore.