Jordi Alonso, Andrew Marvell Goes to Williams Sonoma
Glen Armstrong, A Boy Named “Radio”
Madeleine Beckman, Bisecting Paths
Carla Botha, Do You Like Coffee?
Emily Browne, Children of the Desert
Susana H. Case, Workdays
R.T. Castleberry, Called by Name
John Compton, i want to keep in touch
J. Chester Johnson, A Selection of “Poems From The Elaine Race Massacre”
Michelle A. Ladwig, When Words Fail
Richard Levine, Wade in the Water
Bill Livingston, Photo Requests from Death Row
Nate Logan, Parking Lot
Cathy McArthur, At Home, After A Miscarriage
Bruce McRae, Form
Joseph Mills, Peter and the Wolf
Paul Robert Mullen, day 41
Sarah Nichols, Shut
Carrie Magness Radna, Clouds (Nuages) (no. 38 of E verses)
Reneé Salandy, Sonnet of Goodbye
Sarah Sarai, Title in Search of a Better Life
Barry Wallenstein, Nick Johnson – A Remembrance
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Come On Now