F. C. Opalach

Editor's note: We present excerpts from two book-length poems,
Breathbuilding and Coincident, both of which have languished
since their composition in the early 80's (supplanted since by many
others). The poet, a former classics scholar, still young but in
fragile health, lives in seclusion in New York.

~ . ~

covered with galaxies from head to toe
like mistletoe she goes
beside her stride in inches
the behemoths of ignorant despair,
the masked in pity and assurances:
her boon camping companion,
hope for tomorrow,
reigned by skipping rope
to comfort the lass

the star, a threnodist, stared

     innocentia salvat;
     sic autumnus transeo,
     mortales mortes errunt,
     in Hadem descendant beati,
     vocati sed ad Canam parati
     amorem deique

     Please, skip the value of precision,
     when Blessings saunter for tales
     through backyards

     in turmoil and luxuriance
     in all frankness
     lies time like a doe.

a thousand fieldhands
like Almosts never coming clean
upon Thy Word are being seated;
like seedlings too,
they are awaiting transplant to richer light
and Harvest's spell:
however young at heart they be made to feel,
they, too, will root, and climb

(from: Breathbuilding)

~ .


The cowardice lies in
not lifting the valuable
when ambition's dust
busily amounts.

the danger was an appeal
to glorification exertionless,
prevailing where the difficult liberties
were branded culprit.

no longer will the waves
bury the lie
of last being first,
but the values of goodness
and privacy will ride
to the fair

of being enamored
I fold and process courtesy

His comings and goings
leave happiness entwined
with goodness
and patience betrothed
to joy.


I am an investment
usable of late,
grown fat on mercy

freedom of speech
gathers needed clothing
over the youngest child

Have You then finished
directing reevaluation
and turned your attention
to timeless carrying
and fostering?

I didn't want to
at last begin
accumulating precious
and embarrassing
sympathies, so I fled
into the heavy sods
of redemption.

earth life is especially blessed
because it lies beneath governance.


it's a vacuum here
nestling and nudging
accumulate victory
over parasitic sorcerers,
and birth itself
tickets profit.

I amplify the seats
laughing at time
and articulate
the equation of wealth.

advantage signals
lightening and steadiness

secret books are written
relating economy
to frontier push
and being more aware

knowing pioneer
reliant on wisdom
ancient memory
price and cost
translucent as coughing


nothing to win anymore
but surpassing confidence
when the waters thicken.

it's tough to get known
for stretched is the horizon overpowering.
maybe it is a parallel time
to the ancient day
when the intense painful darkness
gripped the tree of birth
and shook down
the fruits of freedom

it's as if history stopped,
presence and presentation
strode up,
endings slipped off
into approaching invitation.

He no longer collects
or shepherds groups or waves
but boxes a lifetime


the missing things like "when"
get written of,
the rising assisted by speaking.

it's so early the curtain
of painful memory masks
the chortling and buzzing
the renewed heart harbors

we are an ornament
attachable to life's tree,
cleaned and stored
for the season.

peace when found
is also limitless
and may be drunk
between supplications

as wisp
I make a string
of accumulations,
while our product is being tied.


I trust I am still yoked
though seeking out
and watching

have become a pleasurable labor
restless but happy
I cheer the perfect combination
that vanquished false glories

victory subsided to whisper
when the proven clients
overheard charities mingling

using this earthly happening
to hinge faith on
encourages nature
and charges life with melody

are we still residing
in kingdoms of fruitless condition
asleep to the promise
of acceptable elixir?

of late the trapped
have been given a hand, forgiven

~ . ~