SEMI-FINALIST POEMS, Lyric Recovery Festival 2002

Below are the twenty poems selected at the public reading held at Poets House, 72 Spring St., Manhattan, on March 23. The judges were sequestered with an audio feed and anonymous, numbered copies of the poems. The panel was composed of Ron Price, Johanna Keller, and Evert Eden. Panel assistants were Maggie Balistreri and Gretl Claggett. These twenty poems are being reviewed in anonymous form by Alfred Corn. Finalist poems selected by Mr. Corn should be posted by late Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. Follow-up inquiries should be sent to

Congratulations go to all quarter-finalist participants. Special thanks go to the panel and to Poets House, whose 40,000-volume library, made available under a special rental agreement, provided a perfect venue. The library is essential to the mission which Poets House performs, but the facility provides a wealth of other resources too, including a gallery of manuscript and related exhibits, its own readings, workshops, prepares a directory and hosts an annual showcase of poetry books published in the preceding year. This year's showcase takes place on April 6. See for details.

Arachne Unstrung
Bankrupt Farms
Bird in Tree
Dutch Interior: The Artist and His Model
Dutch Interior: The Letter Reader
Interior Landscape with Frog
Khyamm's Q&A (ghazal)
Machine Dance
Moon in Water
Moth Myth
On the Road to Rose Blanche
Playing God
The Harvesters
To Open the Open Gate
Zero Hour