Katrina Kostro

First Day of Chemistry

In Lecture 1 of General Chemistry
I learned the Law of Conservation of
that upper-case fifth letter known as “E” —
yes, Energy, fierce three-pronged deity,
states purely: energy can neither be
created nor destroyed
. Powers above
swing lightening speed but cannot sway Big E.
That is to say, the total energy
of the entire universe is constant
Take for example: diver at the board.
Potential E – stands ready to jump off.
Kinetic E – dives toward cold liquid depths.
Then Thermal E – smooth ripple waves resound.
Today this is the theory that I found.

Chiral Sonnet

     Inspired by Paula Bruice and Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Ph.D.’s in Organic Chemistry

Derived from Greek word, cheir: your hand — right there.
Right-handed things, left-handed things are chiral.
Can right foot fit in left shoe? (Sit in chair.)
Does left glove slide on right hand? (Draw a spiral.)
Your right hand in the mirror is a left hand.
My left ear in the mirror is a right ear.
So, mirror images do not show pure brand —
reflections: not the same as self — right here.
In contrast, take your chair: its mirror image
is just the same as simple sheets of wood
upon which studious tushes park and scrimmage.
The chair’s achiral. Mirrors understood.
Mark asymmetric center — chiral’s cause.
Four sigma bonds find carbon — stereo laws.