Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Come On Now

Evening stoops under its sodden shawl.
A siren broods; its caterwaul
snarling over blackened roofs.
Someone’s on the run.
Wet tires whisper to Avenue C.
“I’m lost without you,” they swear.

I wanted to be a matador
in Manhattan, dancing with horns.
I wanted to be a genie
smoking in your coat of arms.
While you gave the raindrops names,
I made up a little song called

“You’ll never be happier
than when I was a string on your harp.”

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, impresario, and artist, best known as a New Romantic, Surrealist poet. He is author of 17 books of verse, including Blue Lyre from Dos Madres Press and Party Everywhere from Xanadu. Recent poetry is in New American Writing, Sensitive Skin, Posit, and Big City Lit. Wright formerly ran Cover Magazine for 15 years. He is a Contributing Editor to Local Knowledge Magazine and reading series. He has hosted numerous events in New York at La Mama, KGB Lit Bar, and Howl! Happening. Art and literary criticism appear in ArtNexus and American Book Review. Currently he publishes Live Mag!, a journal of art and poetry. He’s a Kathy Acker Award winner for poetry and publishing, winner of Theater for the New City’s poetry contest, two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and two-time artist-in-residence at eMediaLoft.