February 6, 2023


Mom, Fifi And Me 1964 was the only pet Mom ever loved A French Poodle who lived a long and happy life and died peacefully in her sleep When my mother gets to heaven it will not be Jesus she longs to see Chocolate WatersChocolate Waters began writing poems when she was eight. Called “the Poet […]

Chance Performance

A white pillar of sand stands close by the New Infirmary; mica flecks, embedded there, glint and shimmer. The sand fly, despite her broken wing and all that distance flown, knows she’s the luckiest moving object in the territory. Barry WallensteinBarry Wallenstein is the author of ten collections of poetry, the most recent being It’s […]

About the Quiet Tingle of Your Leg, My Uvula, Unwieldy Heart

And you, guardian of lawn and wildflower, tried to rip out my urtica dioca. Still you ride me home to the clicks between the cracks your name a simmer in Cajun laughter. I once wore curlers in my mother’s gold Plymouth Valiant, wishing for prince finer millinery, a division of dusk slathering Polaroid jelly on […]

Letter from The Heart of The City

She writes: A sign appeared in the subway entrance: BACKPACKS AND OTHER LARGE CONTAINERS SUBJECT TO RANDOM SEARCH. Fair enough, I thought: only objects are affected: and who can argue with pure chance? That week, card tables appeared, and cops sat behind them waiting, exactly like three-card monte players, except that they looked bored to […]

The Shrug

n memoriam for Nicholas Johnson I am the final thing, A man learning to sing. Theodore Roethke Time was never your friend, always faster in getting to the same places, always rude to your limps and hitches. What’s the hurry, you’d say? Rushing results in rumpling – clothes, expectations, moods. Let’s stop for a drink. […]


i turn on the ceiling fan again the room feeling too tennessee williams marla sings “aint that a shame” with the new orleans gals and the colored girls sing in germany the deejay plays “down to love town” again we step out to the iron-barred terrace in the cold night air my glasses fogging again […]

Selected Print Titles

The Bookshelf ~ Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 Bertha Rogers Uncommon-Creatures Bertha Rogers Wild Again Richard Levine Selected Poems Barry Wallenstein Drastic Dislocations Kyle Laws & Jared Smith This Town Stephanie Dickinson Love Highway The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia, Simner & Hubbard (Eds) Thomas Lux Selected Poems 1982-2012 Kate Irving Raising the Arsonist’s Daughter from […]

Now and Then: SELECTED LONGER POEMS by J. Chester Johnson

Review by Melinda Thomsen St. Johann Press, 2017, 259 pages, $22.33 ISBN 978-1937943-318, paper “Stop Being Normal” J. Chester Johnson’s important collection Now And Then: SELECTED LONGER POEMS includes poems that reflect almost four decades of writing. “The Mixer,” “Meditation on Civil Rights Activists,” “Martin,” and “For Conduct and Innocents” are housed in the Civil […]

LOVE IN THE LAST DAYS: After Tristan and Iseult, by D. Nurkse

Review by Carl Rosenstock Penguin Random House, 2017, 104 Pages, $27.00 ISBN: 9780451494801, 9780451494818, & Kindle, hardcover “ … this story is strange to me / like wine tasted in a lover’s mouth”, fr. “Prelude” The legend of Tristan and Iseult found its way into Anglo-French literature in the 12th century, apparently inspired by older […]