Fall 2014/Spring 2015


“Bronze Cornucopia” ~ Photo by Kallistos

The pagan sun inspires…. What little/
we had, what little we knew, was adequate
Paul Espel, from “As Is”

“What Was, Was” Barry Wallenstein CD: DRASTIC DISLOCATIONS:

Click here to listen to CD: www.drasticdislocations.com


As Is:This Fall’s 2014 and to Spring 2015 poetry collection includes work by Holly R. Appling, Patricia Brody, Charles Cote, Philip Dacey, Paul Espel, Allen C. Fischer, Patrick Henry, Marc Jampole, Katrina Kostro, Pamela L. Laskin, Gabrielle LeMay, Richard Levine, Jennifer Litt, Maggie Mae, Stephen Massimilla, Lynn McGee, Alex Mouw, D. Nurkse, M. Nasorri Pavone, Bertha Rogers, Carl Rosenstock, Neil Shepard, Hilary Sideris, Barry Wallenstein, Thom Ward and Michael T. Young


Renga Chunk: by Michael Morical, Philip Miller and Milton Dawg

Big City, Little:

M. Nasorri Pavone Big City Parable


Milwaukee Dawn by Jim Story


Carl Rosenstock, “Poetry” (In Quotation Marks):

Being A Review of The Poetry Anthology, edited by Joseph Parisi & Stephen Young, and The Open Door, edited by Don Share & Christian Wiman


Patrick Henry, Crucial Shot in Sarajevo (excerpt from Facing the Music


Tales from the Eternal Café by Janet Hamill, reviewed by Diana Manister

Stephen Massimilla’s The Plague Doctor in his Hull-Shaped Hat, reviewed by Ronnie Norpel

VIRAL by Suzanne Parker, reviewed by Ronnie Norpel


New Additions:

Stephanie Dickinson, Love Highway

The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia, Simner & Hubbard (Eds)

Thomas Lux, Selected Poems 1982-2012


David Massengill, Twilight the Taj Mahal


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Martin Mitchell, Barry Wallenstein, James Ragan, Patrick Henry (UK), Diana Manister, Margo Berdeshevsky, George Wallace, Larissa Shmailo, Brant Lyon, Melinda Thomsen