Competition Guidelines

The 2002 finalist poems, with a top prize of $1000, will be blind-selected by Alfred Corn (The Poem's Heartbeat) based on the LyR criteria of reach, craft, content and musicality, to be heard at Carnegie.

Semifinalist poems will be selected on Saturday, March 23, 4-7 p.m., in an anonymous public reading before a blind jury panel at Poets House, 72 Spring Street ($7). Candidate poems from distant sources will be proxy-read. Selection procedures are designed to favor poem over poet, while permitting unrestricted entry by anyone except producers and judges.

Send unsigned submissions, postmarked by March 15, to p h i l o p h o n e m a ™, Lyric Recovery Festival™ 2002, at Box 1141, Cathedral Sta. NY 10025, enclosing $5 payable to p h i l o p h o n e m a for one, $10 for three poems, together with a cover sheet indicating name, address, phone, poem titles, and bio. Maximum length is 4 minutes performance time per poem (approx. 800 words). Unpublished work is preferred, but published work is eligible. Indicate first publication on the cover sheet only. Ensure that your work gets a leisurely read by submitting early.

See the March 2001 Poetry Feature on Big City Lit™ for last session's finalist and semifinalist poems or the LyR 2000 website ( for background and program information.

The LyR Carnegie 2000 event sold out. We look forward to a full house and a deluge of great writing in 2002.

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