Musically Infused Poetry in an Age of Prose
Not Cause -- Cause for Celebration

After twelve sessions in New York, Paris and Prague--with more envisaged for Montreal, Vienna, Barcelona and elsewhere--Lyric Recovery™ is recognized as a multilingual force of innovation and a preserve of excellence. In this age of prose, the event originated to:

-- reinfuse poetry with the music indispensable to it, while encouraging reach, craft, dimension and intensity

-- free the lyric voice from its academic definition as an 'I' reference, a single speaker relating his experience of the world

-- extend the lyric's potential far beyond its ostensible material confines as the poetic province of love and death

-- demonstrate the lyric's multilingual, multicultural reach as the poem's heartbeat heard from and all over the world

-- produce, present, engender and reward lyric excellence

(Lyric Recovery™ is a p h i l o p h o n e m a affiliate.)

~ . ~ . ~