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Lyric Recovery Festival™ 2004

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Begun in 1996, the next session of Lyric Recovery Festival™ will be Monday, March 22, 2004 at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, the ideal venue to underscore LyR's commitment to musicality in poetry with a program ('Integrity of the Fragment') which will again be enhanced by "organized sounds" from baritone Gilbert High and soprano Phoebe Yadon. Word vocalist Lucie Brock-Broido (Trouble in Mind) features, Alfred Corn (Contradictions; The Poem's Heartbeat) delivers the session essay, and Glyn Maxwell (Time's Fool) judges. Mr. Maxwell will select the finalists to appear at the event and award the top prize ($1000) and other distinctions at its conclusion. The semifinal round returns to Poets House on Saturday, February 21, 4-7 p.m., with quarterfinalists reading before a multiple judge panel.

Submissions opened September 1, 2003, close January 15 (extended to February 1), 2004 Submission basics appeared in the classified section of the September/October issue of Poets & Writers and in the Grants & Awards section of that magazine's November/December issue. Send two copies of 1-3 poems in single-spaced TNR 12 pt, one with name, address, phone, email in upper righthand cover, one blind, together with cover letter containing poem titles, bio, and acknowledgments (if previously published). Four-minute performance limit per poem (approx. 600 words). Enclose fee of $7 for one poem, $15 for three (one entry only) payable to Lyric Recovery, Ltd., Box 1141, Cathedral Station, NY NY 10025. (Separate check, please, for donations.) Criteria are:  reach, craft, content, and musicality.

The LyR 2004 web site ( is still partially under construction, but contains a good deal of information. The producers also invite you to consult the LyR 2002 site. Questions still unanswered can be addressed to The LyR 2002 anthology of award-winning poems, Rain of One Ocean, is available for purchase using the Print Series order form. Seats for LyR 2004 ($25, $22, $20, $16) go on sale at the box office on January 22, but can be ordered directly from LyR, Ltd. already now. We look forward to another sold-out house and a deluge of great writing!

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