February 6, 2023

Summer 2022

Dedicated to

The Stone Angels by Nicholas Johnson


To the Age by David M. Katz
What is earth to me? An ode by Bruce Whitacre
Love Poem by Gretchen Primack
Stick It by Richard L. Matta
Four Days Later by Sarah Ghoshal
Cleopatra’s Icebox by Drew Pisarra
A Dream In Three Parts by Richard Jeffrey Newman
Immersion by Laura Zaino
Franz Anton Ketterer Never Foresaw This by Ron Czerwien
Girl by Kay Bell
Humpty Dumpty by Kim Malinowski
Cover Letter by Richard Levine
You Are The Only One Inside Your Head by Laura Zaino
“Who Doesn’t Drink Coffee?” by Ace Boggess
Respite by Carla M. Cherry
Ghosts of Second Avenue by Joanne Grumet
His Majesty’s Favourite Imaginary Psychedelic Rock Bands by Lenny DellaRocca
Fireside Tequila Chat by Richard L. Matta
My Secret Recipe by Victoria Twomey
Ex Lovers by Karen Neuberg
Yeorie* by Joan Mazza
The Crawlspace by Cameron Morse
You Dreaming About Me on a Dangerously Windy Morning by John Dorroh
Mr. Picasso vs. Mrs. Potato Head by Tom Barlow
Clumsy by CL Bledsoe
Wrong Son by Jeff Hardin
Narcissus Distracted by Barry Wallenstein
Everywhere But Here by John Reed
Wisteria and Weeds by Pamela L. Laskin
Substitute Teacher by Susana H. Case
you were trying to tell me by Michael Passafiume


Are We Artists? Or Fundraisers? by Christopher Hirschmann Brandt
Catalogue of Things Buried in Your Neighbors’ Yard by Peter Soucy
Imagining Ethel by Alice Lowe


The Spider and the Fly by Scott Bradfield
Threesome by Patrick Dawson
Noname Place by Murali Kamma
Saint of the Lepers by Geri Lipschultz
First Impressions by David Macpherson
Lucky Charm by Barb Natividad
Rodeo Drive by Niles Reddick


It’s About Time, by Barry Wallenstein by Susana H. Case
Talking to Strangers by Peter Neil Carroll by Lee Rossi
Country of Warm Snow by Mervyn Taylor by Hilary Sideris
Beyond Survival, the Grace and Courage to Live: A Woman of Endurance by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa by Sonia Gonzalez