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Degree 365:  Program

Sat, Sep 11+3 [14], 2:00-5:00
By Degree 365:  Change and Reclamation — Year One of 9/11
Enduring changes in the life of an individual or of a people result from events which compel, not a 180-degree renunciation of one's departure point, but rather, a full-circle self-examination and advancement to degree 365 of the course, wiser for the effects of the "earth's rotational wobble." The magazine sponsors a major 9/11 poetry and music event in the auditorium of the Museum of the City of New York, portions to air 9/19 at 6 p.m., on WNYE 91.5 FM. 1220 Fifth Ave (104th St) (212) 534-1672. Free with museum admission (suggested don. $7) Exhibit, "Children's Art on 9/11", opens 9/9. Event info: (212) 864-2823. (Email reservations appreciated.)

. .

I:  'Civilization is hooped together'

Maureen Holm
Intro and excerpt
"Judgment Day" (R. M. Rilke)

George Dickerson
"City in the Sea" (E. Allan Poe)

Gail Segal
"Vade Mecum"

Sharon Olinka
Smyrna: "Winged Lions" "The Vow"
"It Must Not Happen"

Vicki Hudspith
"The Mouths of Golden Fish"
"Old Ideas of Night"

Nicholas Johnson
"The Accomplishment of Metaphor and the
Necessity of Suffering (In the Modernist Style)" .II.
(Robert Klein Engler)

Paul Winston (piano)
"The President's Hymn"
The President looked out over the Republic
and was troubled. He placed his trust in
the people who had elected him, however,
and faced the future with confidence.

Maureen Holm
The Accomplishment of Metaphor … .V.
(Robert Klein Engler)

II: ' Ravening, raging, uprooting'

Vicki Hudspith
"The One of You" "A Confetti of Voices"

Joel Allegretti
"The Denial of Architecture" (w/ D Goldstein)
David Goldstein
"Recovery" (w/ J Allegretti)

Thad Rutkowski
"Dark. Like Snow" (Ren Powell)

Roxanne Beck
"Just Like Any Other Tuesday"

Frank Messina
"Forgive Me"

Nicholas Johnson
"Real Truth #1" (RD Armstrong)
"Point of Honor"

Mervyn Taylor
"Assault Against the Second Wall"

Roxanne Beck
(Joni Mitchell)

Edwin Torres
with Arlette Lurié, Robert Scott,
Thad Rutkowski, and Julia Rubin
(French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic)

III:  'glory and monuments are gone.'
(—rotation resumed…)

Sophie Cabot Black

Richard Levine
"For Good, Their Occupants"

George Dickerson
"Prayer to Dead Friends"

Mervyn Taylor
"Tonight a Man Cried"

Michael Graves

Phoebe Yadon (soprano)
"Les Pas" (P. Valéry)

Paul Winston (piano)
"Beast's Death and Transformation" *

Alexis Quinlan
Letters from the Front (Street)
"Notes on Denial — The First Night"

Stella Padnos
"911 Shooting Star"

Laura Sherwood Rudish
"This Earth Place" "Souvenir of a Closed Rite"

Sophie Cabot Black
"The Embrace"

Elaine Schwager
"Living in the Falling Apart"

Maureen Holm
"The Other Yew"

* Note on "Beast's Death and Transformation"
Act Three, Scene is the final scene of the ballet. The music begins in darkness, with a duet for solo violin and viola. The curtain rises on the Beast, doomed by Beauty's broken promise. She arrives too late to save him and he dies in her arms. She drapes his body with her cloak and weeps over him. Her tears break the spell on him and he is transformed into a handsome young man.

~ Special thanks to Candy Norton, MCNY. Please visit children's art exhibit on 9/11, main floor.
~ Portions of program will air September 19, 6 p.m. on WNYE 91.5 FM. Tape orders taken at book table.
~ Breaks scheduled between segments; book and refreshment tables open continuously.
~ Ladies' room near book table, men's opposite hall.