July 6, 2022

To Nazim Hikmet

It was either you or Li Po.    another earthThis is                another skyNo likeness        To that human earth below?I flipped a mental coin: you won….Because to day and in thisShabby new millenniumI need another kind of hero. Last Summer, late, we were at Darthmouth.Saw the great Orozco murals,With Christ, great worker Christ,Axe in mid air,Cutting down His wooden cross.I […]

Children’s Drawings

the colors of Terecinhave eyes that never sleepcontain blue thorn and wire thornred sun of Moloch fire the colors of Terecinhave eyes that never sleepblue thorn and wire thornthat pierce the pupil the colors of Terecinhave eyes that never sleepred sun of Moloch and Haephestus firerazorsslashing openlidsthe nictitating membranes of the brainand all the networks […]


Walking   the boy saw: The moon in a slot of skybetween the roofs of two houses. Metal cobbles like shinybacks of beetles – pieces of armor in abook. A yellow leaf shaped likea heart or the tip of a spear flewup against the steel-gray sky. A house that showed a cornerof shattered masonry;thin mud colored bricks. […]

How I Left Germany

I left by curse and stoneand rail.I left by apron, and by bruised grass stems.I left by clay magenta tennis courtsframed by willow branches. I left by angels stamped asChristmas cookies,by voices unison infurrowed organ lofts greeting,greeting Sabbath at the door. I left as Judah, Daniel,Moses: cursing Edom Walter HessIn 1940, at age 8, Walter Hess immigrated […]