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Big City Lit Goes Country! Jul 02 full-format newsstand 32 pp. $10 [Bookstores:  St. Marks and Labyrinth]
Big City Lit's Brightest Lights 2001 84 pp. $15
Distance from the Tree (poems on fathers). 31 contributors, incl. Dana Gioia, James Ragan, Alice Notley et al. (Jun '02) Full-color photog. by Geo. Kunze, Margo Berdeshevsky. 64 pp. $10
Degrees of Apprenticeship: Sarah Lawrence mfa—Poetry (Mar '02). Full-color photog. by Geo. Kunze. Semi-handmade. 56 pp. $10
Degrees of Apprenticeship: Sarah Lawrence mfa—Prose (Mar '02). (See also:Essays) Full-color photog. by Geo. Kunze. Semi-handmade. 64 pp. $10
Fiction "Never Had It So Good" by James Simpson. (Jan '02) 14 pp. $4
Monograph, Essays: On Ambiguity, Music and Poetry Compared. Essay exchanges between Paul Winston and Maureen Holm. (Oct/Nov '01) 16 pp. $4
Seeds Foresung (Asian American Writers.) Guest Eds.: Tina Chang, Ravi Shankar, Rafiq Kathwari. (Sep '01) Full-color photos by Geo. Kunze. 48 pp. $9
Only the Dead... (Vietnam): Noon—those who reflect in the glare of it (Komunyakaa, Ehrhart, Bodeen, Weigl, Catlin) (Jun '01) 20 pp. $5
Only the Dead… (Vietnam): Dusk—those who greet it in failing light (Jun '01) 56 pp. $8
Snapshots from a Battle by Richard Levine, a special issue Headwaters/Hudson Press chapbook. 20 pp. $7
Degrees of Affinity: Poems by Distinguished Alumni of the Columbia Writing Division. Full color painting by Jovan Zec. (May '01) 56 pp. $9
Fiction "The Cause" by George Dickerson. (Feb/Mar '01) 24 pp. $6
Monograph, Essay: Ego-Free, The Poem Aloft by Maureen Holm, Senior Essayist (Jan/Feb '01) 12 pp. $4
Because They Did: Marilyn Hacker, Jan Clausen, Enid Dame et al. guest ed. Mary Biggs. Full-color painting by Cheryl Yellowhawk. (Jan '01) 56 pp. $8
Degrees of Apprenticeship: Brooklyn College MFA program anthology (Dec '00). Intro by Lou Asekoff, Pref by Nicholas Johnson ('80) 48 pp. $9
Monograph, Essays: Why Do an MFA? by D. Fensa (Exec. Dir., Assoc. Writing Progs) and Why I Didn't Do an MFA by Mark Seiltz (Dec '00) 12 pp. $3

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