February 6, 2023

Under the Radar

I’m so low on the priority list
I’m almost trackless.
I don’t use stealth.
I don’t scramble my signals.
I don’t have a double-message.
I’m simply living off the grid,
mucking up the markets, gifting
whatever I make to anyone
with a private grudge against
business as usual, a private
ache for the anarchist heart.
Is that life enough? That’s
a question each answers
alone. I like it here on the edge
of empire. The sun
seems to move from one
horizon to the other
where it rests and shines.
I’d like to move like that –
radiant and removed,
lit with an inner privacy
that sometimes hides
under a bushel,
sometimes shines
outward as a green
ray at sunset,
sometimes bursts
in auroras that
erase all earth’s