February 5, 2023


Can you brain-burst a better sun-circle than here-and-nowing
the come-together of people and people movers, skyscrapers
with see-through look-heres in colorful put-ons and take-offs.

The gaze I like to give to glide-by-me objects of desire
floating over the concrete slicks where car-drives meet,
my shoulder in daydream slacking a cold side of bricks.

In a blink-eye, my world-catchers grapple and snag
their head-to-toe, curves and edges, brain bursts
of teasing flesh-reveal and hot come-together.

The sun-high carillons for food-carting bread-girded
sausage and sugary bubbles, consumed while Atlas-miming
the corner, world-catchers still seeking birdy fantasies,

ear-worming hip-hop cha-cha-cha of the here-and-now,
bass beating low-to-high-to-low-to-gone, mind flashes
lashing my what-to-do with could-be lust.

Many happy-face me, but one vibes out assault,
a down lip that transforms my gaze to floating dagger.
without a touch, without vile word-out or clicking freeze.

This great rend-your-garment of she-said-he-said—
this talking-at-angles so words never meet—
captured in a single eye-blink snaring time-treat.