March 25, 2023

Shadow Angel

(after Rilke)

Shadow angel of my world
Tread lightly
Your steps deceive me
For once you must have been light
But you would fold me in your dark splendor
 For how else would light return?
And to me would seem false that I could still find light
But it is in my smallness I am lost.
And your shadow has reawakened a fire in my soul.
My wish for strength then failed me.
But your ephemeral garb calls me on
And clouds thunder in your Elysian wake
Showing me strength now…
Sorrow has shadowed the sunrise
Once burning bright inside.  
Now I see sorrow is the fan of your darkwing…
Over ash And embers…
There is no knowing your mystery
Great angel…
I only follow trailing light
The stars are more clear and bright
In your darkest night
Oh dearest closest, shadow angel!