February 5, 2023

Once Bitten

spiritual finger dirt
brings emphatic declamation
as a long-nailed claw

      emphatic summaries
      empathic memories amnesia-bound

absinthe elixir magic
allusive as a timber membrane

            curtly uttered


the magic pawed at music
a mittened resonance muffled
the urge to exclamatory

      diction, receding
      along the sputtering path

                  railing at private indignities


elephantine returns
cobra fangs at full length
no hood encumbers

      the maw
                          of the consumer
                      the smirk and mutter

               preceding the clanging sound

                              that hurts
                                                     to linger
                              under the grime

of boundaries

                                that stretch to

                                                                the nerve