March 26, 2023


Miss Opportunitie came to see me once,
at the awakening of the sun.
I was too young to be gentle
and embrace her:
lack of experience coupled
with little light to.

                  She then moved on,
                  or returned to …
                  Who knows where?

She came a second time.
It was noon time,
with blinding light.
And Experience having being
too busy and full of energy,
couldn’t care much to even let me
wink a blink in her direction.

                  She then moved on,
                  or return to…
                  Who knows where?

Another time,
at the setting sun time:
while I was napping
I had an overlapping thought.

                  Miss Opportunitie

                  She returned to…
                  Who knows where?

Again when she comes,
I shall caress her
into napping on my lap.
Then we’ll snore and dream together
even have wet dreams
or nightmares, I don’t care.

I’ll hold her on my lap
‘til I awake
to see her eye to eye,
and communicate
my most delicate thoughts to her:
less experience denied
and vandalizing energy