February 5, 2023

Danger in the Night

He said he left a twenty on the table
She blind, too -much-to-drink-disabled
“You must have seen me.

                    Now we’re getting into trouble,” says he.
Before she even got her sentence out — —
Slight snarl, his, underground madness

bubbling up – potent bitches brew.
She so high – adrenal-estro– rush.
expectant, peppermint in snow.

She knew it wasn’t love.
Fine. ________What to call it, hungry?
Something red already smeared, and ready.

Something ready in his voice to rust, revenge
her girlish play.
He was just Mr. Rage with good fingers.

                    Now, how could that explain it?
She was willing, even pleased.
All along, he meant to leave.

She knew it wasn’t love
So what explains this — He said
he left a twenty on the table.

He said impatiently “You must have seen me
put the twenty down in front of you”
Well, no she hadn’t. Fluid but disabled

out she stumbled into dirty ice-banks,
her steps treacherous, ______ post-fest motion tabled,
dingy slush on village sidewalk.

Or with his hidden, lipstick-heart,
she stumbled out he was long gone

could he “save” her?

Scared, but still defiantly pleased.

On the table what he said he left.
She blind, disabled.
You might have seen her bumbling out

He was long gone.