March 27, 2023


Guided by dolphins, the sands of time
Took me on a Carribean Tide with friends.
Clear down to the toes!
The colors are true! (In every shade!)
The Bold Rooster of Key West crossed his road.
Cayman Tales…
Shiny, bright-eyed grackles in full song…
Left my shoes with ghosts of pirates,
Near the beauty of the water.
Slipped by waterfalls under tropical green,
Down to a Jamaica Beach.
Beware the Market Road!
A Frigate bird sails the cloudy skies.
The last of stormy seas rock us to sleep…
And across the floor!
Awake to Bahamas! (and some sun)
Another day of beach: pods of snorklers and standing-surf-boarders,
Gathered in the water, where para-sails go by.
Sit in a chair, take a float,wait in long line to boat…
And ship.
Time for Native Flute (Good for every port!)
The ship is near, raise a cheer!
Onboard…Maybe a show!
Dancers,singers ready to go.
Don’t be late! “Hey! Don’t walkout!”
(“45 minutes since you last ate???!!”)
Ah, breakfast by Windows of sea!
In our room, a balcony!
Towel animals! (friendly porter)
Walk the decks But…
Music Maker awaits! A Fine Duo!
Don’t miss them! New friends!
Think I’ll dance!
The night is ending.
“Spirit” turns leaving memories in the morning sun.
Port calls us home