March 26, 2023

Above Nothing Below No One

for Daria Colette

The cold broke
Today, ice, snow
Melting –

Oh, I know,
None of it’s meant to honor the warm breath
Your voice brought to my ear.

You sleep now in my arms
Having grown almost too big to hold.

Daria, my heart, I would hold you
Until a final flash ends everything we know and love.

I measure our days by your laughter,
Each giggle another blossom
In a flowering that will forever be
Crocuses in snow.

May your home be scented with sandalwood
Blessing each loneliness for the taste it takes you
Into the shared breath of all creatures,
Even dogs.

I wish for you more than flowers,

Struggles that make you
Stronger each time they break you.
Love you feel no matter how distant the source.

May your tears bless you beyond blossoms
Into fruit.