February 5, 2023

Red Shoes

by Kathleen Widdoes Yesterday, after visiting my family in my small hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, I took the train back to New York City, my chosen home. Though it was a weekday, the platform was congested with people. Some stood naively about and others, like myself, train-savvy, were waiting in the place where the train’s […]

Bad Job

by Thaddeus Rutkowski Clipart Illustration of a White Person Holding His Arms Out With A Green Check Mark And A Red X, In His Hands At my job, not a day goes by without a mistake of mine being discovered and held up as an example—a bad example. “You have to go by the book,” […]

Jared’s Millennium

by Paul Oppenheimer Jarred Henscher dropped out of school in Detroit at the turn of the century, mostly because he couldn’t stand the bad music. He went south and west, drifting into reconstructed gold-rush towns set up for the tourist trade, where as a blacksmith he did a dull stint or two: smithing held scant […]

The Library

by Donal McLaughlin Paisley, Scotland, early 1970s They were living at the top of the Steps at the time, where the street veered away to the right, round to the shops wi the CO-OP at one end, GALBRAITHS at the other, then came a patch of grass, Liam minds, L-shaped, the wrong way round but, […]

A Good Man

by Suzanne Kay I dove into the pregnancy thing with all I had. I read books on when the brain was forming and what to eat to make a smart baby. I went to the farmer’s market on Melrose and picked over the organic fruits and vegetables. I stir fried a lot of spinach and […]

Grief and the Little Sparrows (a personal post)

by Christopher Hirschmann Brandt The “Little Sparrow”, Edith Piaf, sings a song I have always loved – and envied – “Je ne regrette rien” – she so staunchly insists that she regrets nothing. Whereas I regret so much. I regret thinking when I was young that I knew everything and therefore had nothing to learn […]

Bad Judge Men

By Elisabeth Amaral           Hey Alito. You, too, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Listen up. I was young and pregnant, living on Carmine Street in Greenwich Village and scared. Scared like you and your buddies will never be. The call I’d been waiting for came at noon. “Midnight, the old Breyers plant in Newark. Be there. Look […]