February 5, 2023

Cover Letter

by Richard Levine   Dear Reader, We must be changing, adapting or evolving in significant ways, in order to live with Covid confinement, the effects of a wooden cross being driven into the heart of American democracy, the zero-sum economy, the black & white ballistics of social justice and racial inequality, the sport of mass-shootings […]

Ex Lovers

by Karen Neuberg Without malice, I’ve used my taxidermy skills to preserve ex lovers, keeping them intact, just as when we parted. Unlike me, they never age. Never go on, though surely they’ve gone on in their own lives. Little do they know I line them along light-filled windowsills beside the medicinal herbs. Sometimes I […]

You Are The Only One Inside Your Head

by Laura Zaino   Feed it well: think good thoughts, cultivate fortitude. Believe impossible things– before breakfast, after breakfast, whenever you’re awake. Stay wild, fuck often. When your ears ring listen to the tone fade out until the very last thread of vibration releases.   Laura Zaino is a lover of life, finding beauty even […]

“Who Doesn’t Drink Coffee?”

by Ace Boggess                                                       [question asked by Savannah Dudley]   My ex-wife                                didn’t   […]


by Carla M. Cherry tonight I walk without shoes moonlight, my guide grass tickling soles bathed in dew drops I sidestep dandelions they be weeds, but oh, those yellow blossoms these crickets enraptured by nightsong I follow their chirping tonight I walk without shoes no sirens in this rural refuge no glass shard sparkle on […]

Ghosts of Second Avenue

by Joanne Grumet i. We courted in a world that is no more: the Gem Spa where we went for chocolate egg creams; Ratner’s Dairy Restaurant where they served us onion rolls for bread; the Second Avenue Deli No more readings by the Beats, Ginsburg gone, his howling; no more Fugs protesting the war in […]

His Majesty’s Favourite Imaginary Psychedelic Rock Bands

by Lenny DellaRocca  Bad Apothecary. Gin Radish. The Amazing Space Ship. The Savior and His Painted Automatic Machine. Pete, Lyla & Grim. Syntax Dream. Canary Weather. Cult of Red. Organic Buffoon. Rusty Fred. Her Fine Rabbit. The Blame. The Stunning Goats. Bop Rain and Tin. Violet Anus. Sometimes the Patrol Goes Far Away Like a […]

Fireside Tequila Chat

by Richard L. Matta   A shot for me, a shot for you to feed your shooting flame. And here, your chance, crosscut shredder ribbons from these empties. The questions I never asked and the ones you never answered. They told me the ashes in urns are human but maybe not just yours. Scrapings off […]


by Joan Mazza   The scent of a summer rain on hot asphalt takes me back to elementary school in Brooklyn, the short walk to the corner to PS 98 under a canopy of young maples. Odors of garlic and lemon on broiling chicken, bleach, and silver polish resurrect my mother, dead more than thirty […]

You Dreaming About Me on a Dangerously Windy Morning

by John Dorroh Last night you dreamed about me cleaning out the basement, dispersing heart dust into the atmosphere, aggravating my asthma, detritus settling in my morning coffee cup. You said I shook it off and cooked chicken wings in the oven with three different sauces. My next-door neighbor with the 8-inch cock stole my […]