May 28, 2023

Walking Into White

by Gina Troisi  “I think we should separate,” Maggie tells Sam. In the living room, her tank top reveals her muscular arms, her shoulders still golden from their getaway to

Peace Out

by Cynthia Stock A swarm of cars, the frenzy typical of big city traffic, surrounded Dr. Arlo Perkins the day Lily spotted him on her way to the gym. She

Plaid Couches

by Emily Krauser Did everyone break on a pilly plaid couch? Did everyone break? Was everyone a hollowed-out apparition of their childhood self, or was it just her? Was she

Afternoon Rhapsody

by Daniel Shapiro (February 12, 1924) —Esther Will and I got out of the taxi on Forty-Second Street, in front of Aeolian Hall. It was close to three o’clock. I

Illegible Signpost

by Susan Cornford Josh punched off his phone and swore copiously. The itinerary had been screwed up again! A list of alternatives scrolled through his head till he hit bottom.

Rodeo Drive

by Niles Reddick Among the G-Wagons, Ferraris, and Rolls Royce convertibles, we parked our rented Ford Escape and walked with tourists and the rich and famous shoppers. My wife pronounced

Lucky Charm

by Barb Natividad When Max came and went from his apartment, one of his neighbors was usually in the tiny front yard of their building, sitting on a plastic lawn