May 19, 2022

Cover Story

by Margo Taft Stever Many poems in my chapbook, The Lunatic Ball (Kattywompus Press, 2015) and my following full-length collection, Cracked Piano (CavanKerry Press, 2019) delve into the definition of sanity, and both collections include several found poems created from letters written by my great grandfather Peter Rawson Taft when he was institutionalized at the […]

Lady Vanessa

by Andrew Sarewitz I finished Michelle Obama’s autobiography. It took me the summer. That’s not a statement on the quality of the memoir. I haven’t been finding enough time to read. After placing Becoming in my claw footed ebony and glass library, I went to one of the piles of dormant, unread books that crowd […]

The Arrivals, NYC, 1951: from, Daughters of the Stone

by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa By the time the plane landed at Idlewild International Airport in New York City, the children had fallen asleep out of pure exhaustion and Elena was totally drained. As hard as she had tried to arrive at their new home in their best clothes and brightest smiles, a six-hour flight with a […]


by Robert Klein Engler “Blue Head” Painting by Robert Klein Engler During the waning days of the Republic, with so many political scandals in the news and the advent of a fundamental change in America advanced by a fabricated president, it may seem trivial to ask, “What is the role of American poetry in the […]

The Fool As Teacher: Poetry and Karl G. Kasberg

by Robert Klein Engler The world in which Karl Gary Kasberg lived and wrote his poems has disappeared from the face of the earth. Karl G. Kasberg’s world has disappeared not because of earthquakes or bombs, but because of time and the political decisions of men who came after him. It was politically expedient to […]

Theatre A Literary Art?

by Christopher Hirschmann Brandt Hilton Als, with all the confidence and aplomb of a Certified-Widely-Read-Professional-Theatre-Critic (for The New Yorker), states that “theatre is primarily a literary art.” Really, Hil? (May I call you Hil?) So Hil, what about a great deal of theatre of the past, oh say, sixty years? What about the costume sewer […]