February 6, 2023


Veterans for Peace Armistice Help Us Celebrate Armistice Day 2019! Veterans For Peace has been celebrating Armistice Day almost since the organization’s inception, with a few chapters doing yearly events.  However, in 2008 the effort became a national effort with the passage of an official Veterans For Peace resolution (see below).  Since then, chapters across the […]

A Poem

by Dan Wilcox Chatham Peace Vigil The lunch counter TV is busy. My sandwich is slow, but sitting feels good after standing the hour in the village square. Freight trains going by,  waves & honks from cars for the graying crowd at the peace vigil on the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq the […]


by Julia Whitehead Peace Be With You, Kurt Vonnegut: Armistice Day Baby As the founder and CEO of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, I know a thing or two about the concept of Armistice Day because Kurt Vonnegut advocated for Armistice Day. Vonnegut was born on Armistice Day, 1922. His relatives and friends, teachers, […]

A Poem

by Karen Skolfield Machine Guns and Other Toys It seems everyone is fighting but no one wants to admit it. A friend on Facebook marks herself “safe” during her country’s most recent uprising, of which there’s barely a footnote in the news. The site bootcamp4me: the “gross stuff” of tear gas training, sleeplessness “real fun, […]

Two Poems and Commentary

by Suzanne S. Rancourt The Smell of Blood there is old plum blood clumped like grapes becoming raisins dry and cracked on the edges, crystallizing like nano birdshot. there is fresh blood vibrant as lips wearing lipstick for the first time red with life and air and knowing nothing but that moment in the gasping […]

Three Poems and Commentary

by Fred Marchant Euphrates go little stream of words flow down from the misery work in and under the rubble around us and find those who managed to come back alive relief starting to mingle with disgust how it rises that disgust like bile how the heart starts to feel soft and puffy as a […]

Slice of Life–Quiet Time in War

by Marc Levy The Quiet Time Marc Levy Imagine this: after a blistering hot day marching up and down mud slicked hills, or tramping wide open fields, or steamy jungle, imagine setting out booby traps on enemy trails, laying in wait, then ever so carefully, breaking them down. At dusk, after planting trips and claymores […]

Two Poems

by Richard Levine The Five Words If you tell me, Thank you for your service, and I think you are sincere, especially if I think you are sincere, I will tell you some dark particulars of that service, and once come to light like a stain on porcelain, say, it will spot your heart and […]

A Poem and Commentary

by W. D. Ehrhart Guns Again we pass that field green artillery piece squatting by the Legion Post on Chelten Avenue, its ugly little pointed snout ranged against my daughter’s school. “Did you ever us a gun like that?” my daughter asks, and I say, “No, but others did. I used a smaller gun. A […]


by Jan Barry Armistice Day v Veterans Day Thoughts In the immediate aftermath of what was then called the World War, the commander of the newly formed American Legion called for never repeating what he called “such a disaster.” “To The American Legion, From Its Commander, 1921. This statement was featured in Armistice Day, an […]