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Composing Staggerlee: A Journal
by Paul Winston
My Beauty and the Beast is about family, loyalty, sacrifice; Staggerlee is about the choices which have to be made when the only two are anarchy or evil. I don't like the person who is committed to finishing Staggerlee.

If April is the Epic Month:  Petri Liukkonen on Finland's Kalevala [pending]

Seeing the Orchestra
by Leo Vanderpot
Classical music concerts are fun for me these days. I can say this because last summer I learned some important ways to handle the distractions that can pop up with classical audiences, whose members are sometimes guilty of more than just coughing.

The Accomplished and the Insufficient:  What Readers Should Ask From a Poem
by Thom Ward
The accomplished poem thinks and sings, sings and thinks. If it finds itself offering large, complicated ideas, it does so most effectively with small, crisp words.