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Composer Michael Torke and the Color of Musical Keys
by Patricia Lynne Duffy
I never imagined I'd have anything in common with a composer for the New York City Ballet, but here we are—two "cognitive fossils." I muse over this repository of colors and forms that release themselves from our respective brains at the sound of music or words

The Winners and Losers of Fascism:  Class Warfare in Its Most Concentrated Form
by Pete Dolack
Fascism is dictatorship established through and maintained with terror on behalf of Big Business. Its quintessential elements:  militarism; extreme nationalism; enemies and scapegoats; fanatical propaganda.

The Fiddle & The Violin
by D.H. Tracy in Contemporary Poetry Review
If I let it slip that I played the violin in the Portland orchestra, no one would expect me to jump up and start fiddling bluegrass.