Program and Artist Appearances:

Lyric Recovery Festival™
at Carnegie Hall 2002
Wednesday, March 27, 7:30 p.m.

(Carnegie Hall does not permit unauthorized
photographic, video or audio recording.)

Box office opens at 6:30 for ticket pick-ups.
Reception in the lounge begins at 6:45 (cash bar).
Hall opens to seating at 7:00, and composer Paul Winston plays
excerpts from his full-length ballet, Beauty and the Beast.
Contest awards will be announced at intervals during the event.
Estimated finish time: 9:55

Master of Ceremonies:
George Dickerson

Program subject to change.
There will be one 15-minute intermission.

~ . ~

Passover Poem Cycle
by Samuel Menashe
performed by S Menashe

"The Crucifixion"
by Samuel Barber
Dolly Hemphill, mezzo soprano
Paul Winston, piano

"Eskanni Bijü"
Maureen Holm

"Voc Mani Sloka"
music and lyrics: M Holm
instr. obbligg.: P Winston
D Hemphill, mezzo soprano
Adam Fisher, cello

"The Psychotic Duck"
Adam Fisher, composer and cellist

Parasol Solo from Beauty and the Beast
Paul Winston, composer and pianist
Ginger Thatcher, choreographer
performed by Julie Voshell

"The Fox and the Ocelot"
(a verse fable in one act)
The Deer Scene
Fox: Kathleen Bishop, Ocelot:Tobias Deehan
Narrator: Robert Scott

"La Ceinture"
Paul Valéry
music: M Holm, instr. obbligg.: P Winston
Gilbert High, baritone,Adam Fisher, cello

"Unshelved (at Shakespeare & Co., Paris)"
"Le Pont Mirabeau" (G. Apollinaire)
Maureen Holm

~ James Ragan ~

"The Astonishment of Living" (J Ragan)
mus. setting and adapt'n: M Holm
instr. obbligg.: P Winston
Gilbert High, baritone

"The Fox and the Ocelot"
The Bear Scene, Pt. 1
Fox: Kathleen Bishop, Bear: Tom Hair

(3rd place award announced)

The Fox and the Ocelot
The Bear Scene, Pt. 2
Fox: Kathleen Bishop, Bear: Tom Hair

"Variation" from Beauty and the Beast
P Winston, composer and pianist
G Thatcher, choreographer
Beauty: Joni Petre-Scholz, Prince: Seth Belliston

~ William Wadsworth ~

"Oda Con Un Lamento"
by Pablo Neruda
R Scott, Spanish recitation; D Hemphill, mezzo;
A Fisher, cello; David Francis, 12ing guitar

Iberian Rhapsody
A Fisher, composer and cellist

"The Mutiny, Two Voyagers"
by Johanna Keller
J Keller and Charles Martin
(2nd place award announced)

"Irredeemable Divine"
by M Holm
K Bishop, M Holm, R Scott, T Hair

music and lyrics: Tracie Smart
T. Smart, vocal/guitar; Wendell Post, piano;
Vernon David, cello; Wilson Brown, cymbals

First Place Award, Reading
T. S. Reprise

by Edwin Torres
(English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish)
E Torres, Thad Rutkowski, Arlette Lurié, Julia Rubin, R Scott
Tracie Smart and Ensemble
'Nu sonic ouva fe kim lai' / 'Rain of One Ocean"
M Holm / G Dickerson