Amy Holman


The Internet is confused
by the news. What is a wombat

doing in a net on the right ad
column of Facebook? Abe Vigoda

has died. A wombat was fished out
of a Tasmanian lake in December.

Abe Vigoda joined Phish onstage
in 2013 dressed as a wombat

during the Phish song “Wombat”
about Abe Vigoda as Fish. Many

wombats at once is a mob, and
angered, any wombat will let

the enemy in, then crush its skull.
It was only business, Tessio said.

Amy Holman’s poems have recently appeared in The Westchester Review, Gargoyle, Blueline, Live Nude Poems, and Birds Fall Silent in the Mechanical Sky, the 2019 anthology from great weather for MEDIA. She has five poetry books published– the collection, Wrens Fly Through This Opened Window, reviewed as “part freak show, part searing insight’ and four chapbooks, including the prizewinning Wait for Me, I’m Gone, from Dream Horse Press. I do like absurdities that come across familiarly.