Albert Dépas


The dark side of me
is buried into the light
that others do not see;
a mirrored image
of black matter from the universe;
rays piercing through
the ignorant, arrogant egotist
of those claiming to be righteous.

The dark side of me,
dark as the midday sun
of the summer solstice
stands high while others run
with a shameful, bigoted notice.

The dark side of me
sits calmly as a prism
separating the wisdom
of ancient days
from the cracking noise
of eroded wisdom teeth.

Though the dark side of me
is as dark as a mystery
yet to be conceived,
the bright light of others,
in its pseudo-perception,
finds its sustenance
from the core of my darkness.


Miss Opportunitie came to see me once,
at the awakening of the sun.
I was too young to be gentle
and embrace her:
lack of experience coupled
with little light to.

                  She then moved on,
                  or returned to …
                  Who knows where?

She came a second time.
It was noon time,
with blinding light.
And Experience having being
too busy and full of energy,
couldn’t care much to even let me
wink a blink in her direction.

                  She then moved on,
                  or return to…
                  Who knows where?

Another time,
at the setting sun time:
while I was napping
I had an overlapping thought.

                  Miss Opportunitie

                  She returned to…
                  Who knows where?

Again when she comes,
I shall caress her
into napping on my lap.
Then we’ll snore and dream together
even have wet dreams
or nightmares, I don’t care.

I’ll hold her on my lap
‘til I awake
to see her eye to eye,
and communicate
my most delicate thoughts to her:
less experience denied
and vandalizing energy

Albert Dépas is a visual artist, poet and educator.
He is the author of Metamorphosis of Joy.